"We turn dirt to dreams"

Graybuck Project Gallery

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All images on graybuck.com show actual projects designed and constructed by  Graybuck Gardens throughout Berks, Lancaster and Chester Counties.

Patio with a Piece of History
These customers wanted a backyard living area accessible from rooms throughout their home.   Allan designed a multi-level patio with fireplace and planting areas.  Always looking for unique materials to use in his designs, Allan found two giant pieces of solid slate (8” thick!) with an antique metal drain cover that had been part of the original sidewalk from a small town in upstate Pennsylvania.  He then found pavers and stone to complement the slate. The customer enjoys having a piece of history on his property and converted the sidewalk drain into a beverage cooler for fireside entertaining.

The Mancave of His Dreams!
These customers wanted to replace their existing deck with a covered patio for hanging out with friends and watching sports year round.  We constructed a 40' x 20' multi-level paver patio with timberframe pavilion/pergola.  We covered the wall and ceiling with rough-cut pine for a rustic, intimate feel and added slate benches for extra seating.   The outdoor kitchen ensures the cook doesn't miss any of the action.   A boulder wall to terrace the sloping backyard changed a drainage problem into a flat play area for the kids.  We finished with sod for an instantly beautiful lawn.  Before/After Comparison Series #14
Home Haven
These busy professionals wanted to extend the living space outside their newly constructed home.   We designed a patio accessed by stairs leading from the existing deck.  A fireplace with built-in storage bins extends the seasonal use of their investment, while the timberframe pergola provides shade during the summer months.  We added accent lighting on the stairway and walls, and created planting areas along the edges of the property to provide privacy and enhance the design.   Before/After Comparison Series #13
Timberframe Pavilion
We introduced our new covered pavilion design at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Home and Garden Show in March 2012.   The pavilion uses the same mortise and tenon construction as our custom pergolas, with the addition of a metal roof in a variety of colors - we chose copper for the version shown here.   This design was awarded  "Best Home Improvement" for the show.
Relaxing Retreat
After renting out this property for 20 years, these customers decided to move back into this beautiful woodland setting.  We first corrected a water drainage issue by installing a french drain around the back of the house.  We built a boulder retaining wall to give them more usable space, and a paver patio with firepit to replace an existing concrete patio that was disintegrating with age.  A waterfall recessed into the wall flows to a pond at the edge of the patio.


Pergola with a View
These customers wanted the area between their driveway and porch to be usable for backyard entertaining.  They also wanted to update their front entrance.  At the front of the home we removed the existing concrete walk and installed a paver walkway to the front door, created planting beds with boulder accents on both sides of the walkway and planted a selection of trees and shrubs.   At the back of the home we redesigned the contour of the backyard hill, replaced concrete block steps with natural stone, and cut terraces to create space for a patio.  We installed a paver patio with sitting wall, firepit and timberframe pergola.   We finished the project by hydroseeding the lawn.  Before/after comparison series #12

Hassle-free Hill
This customer wanted to improve the appearance of the hill at the entrance to his home with a low maintenance, natural design that would blend into the existing treeline.  We contructed a series of asymetrical terraces using stone from the property, and planted a naturalized mix of trees and strubs.  Before/after comparison series #11
Water Water Everywhere!
Natural stone water features have become very popular, allowing customers to relax to the soothing sound of water.   

Backyard Hide-away
These customers wanted to use their sloped backyard for outdoor living and entertaining.   We installed a paver patio with sitting walls recessed into the hill, enclosed by a timberframe pergola.

Backyard Entrance
These customers wanted access to their back entrance from the driveway, and an outdoor living area that would flow to the existing covered porch on the side of the house.  We built a retaining wall with steps from the driveway and a patio that wrapped around the side of the home.  We included a cedar pergola to compliment the cedar fencing on the property.  Before/after comparison series #10

Outdoor Room Plus
These customers needed access to their backyard, which was 5 feet below the back doors of their newly constructed home, along with an outdoor living area.   We designed a paver patio recessed into the natural slope of the lawn with sitting walls around the perimeter, covered by a 16'x16' timberframe pergola with craftsmen-style columns.  We built curved two-level paver steps allowing access to the home and the driveway.  We finished this portion of the project with plantings and boulder accents.  The following year the customer requested a walkway, plantings and boulder accents for the front of the home.   We built a two level boulder wall to raise the grade on the side of the house and installed a paver walkway to the front door.  We planted a variety of trees, shrubs and perennials, and finished by hydroseeding the front lawn.  Before/after comparison series #9

Dream Home
Instead of starting over in a new home, this family chose to remain in the house they loved and transform it into the property of their dreams.   We first removed diseased old-growth trees surrounding the home and reforested the property with over 25 mixed hardwood and conifers, each 30’-40’.    We terraced the sloped property to create multiple planting beds and useable grassy areas, and built a series of walls using local sandstone recovered from old barns that had been demolished.   We used flagstone for pathways and large sandstone slabs for steps, with custom landscape lighting to accent the rock gardens and naturalized plantings.  We constructed a stream and waterfall to enhance the peaceful atmosphere of this woodland dream home.  Before/after comparison series #8

Custom Pergola
This customer was interested in landscaping to enhance her backyard.  In addition to the plan that incorporated the customer's favorite plantings, we designed and installed a custom timberframe pergola for her existing patio and wall to add shade to her outdoor dining area.

Woodland Retreat
The owners of this hillside home wanted landscaping to blend closely with the surrounding forest.  We constructed a series of walls using boulders found on the property, turning a dirt hill into terraced planting and parking areas.  We planted trees and shrubs in a naturalized design, relocating and incorporating existing customer favorites.  A low wall of sandstone recovered from the property turned the steep grade in front of the home into a manageable slope that could be planted by the customer.

Room for Entertaining
These customers enjoy socializing with friends and wanted to expand their outdoor entertaining area beyond the existing cement patio.  We started in the front by installing a walkway with custom lighting and plantings to accent their hilltop home.  Then we constructed a paver walkway from the driveway to the backyard, with a  path of natural stone steppers leading to a secluded patio surrounded by river birch.  On the other side of the existing patio, we recessed a second level to accommodate a hot tub and built planters to hide the foundation of the house.  Before/after comparison series #3

Log Cabin Entrance
These customers wanted an inviting front entrance to complement their log cabin home and requested that we incorporate natural stone into the design.  We terraced the grass hill leading to their front door and built walls and planting areas using local barnstone and boulders.   We brought in cut stone steps from a local quarry and used dry-laid flagstone for walkways.   We completed the project by hydroseeding the remaining lawn area.  Before/after comparison series #7

The Great Wall of Morgantown
This home's hilltop location offers a magnificant birds-eye view of the county, however the steep terrain rendered most of the property unusable for planting.  We replaced an existing cinderblock wall with a reinforced 100+ foot, 2-tiered wall and added two sets of steps,  creating flat areas for the customer's garden.  Click here for before/after comparison photos.   Before/after comparison series #1

Family-friendly Terraces
This customer's home was built on an extreme slope with no backyard, giving their children nowhere to play.  We constructed a series of terraces to make the terrain manageable, using a combination of wall block and natural stone.  We brought in 400 cubic yards of soil to create a flat play area below the walls.  We also added a recessed fire pit with half-wall for extra seating.  We finished the project by hydroseeding the lawn and planting a variety of perennials and blooming shrubs, converting a challenging property into a unique and inviting family retreat.  Before/after comparison series #6

Shaded Entertaining
These customers wanted an outdoor entertaining area with a shaded back entrance to the home.  We constructed a flowing patio bordered by broken flagstone, with curved steps to the back door.  We created a shaded area by building a pergola that compliments the architecture of the home.  The landscaping added a lush touch to an inviting backyard.

Outdoor Living
These customers wanted to expand their outdoor living area.  We re-designed their deck and installed a patio with wrap-around steps.  We added interest and texture with a dry riverbed feature to accommodate drainage, and landscaped the area to compliment the design.

Tamed Terrain
This residence is situated on a homesite with steep drop-offs.  The customers' goal was to tame the terrain, creating a safe place for their children to play.  We started by adding soil in the backyard and building a boulder retaining wall.  This allowed us to change the pitch of the yard and add a play area.  We installed a walkway in front of the home and landscaped with a variety of shrubs and ornamental trees, using small boulders to create tiered planting beds.  We finished by using the customer's favorite riverstone as a decorative mulch.

Cottage Garden
For the steep slope beside her home, this customer wanted an English-style cottage garden filled with native plants.  We built terraces using local boulders and stacked stone, with natural stone steps -  each step individually selected by the customer on our trip to the quarry.  A flagstone walkway leads from the base of the steps to a small patio.  We completed the look with sod over the entire back yard.   Before/After comparison series #5

Backyard Oasis
This customer wanted a deck design for a new spa/spool that would blend with the existing stacked stone wall that surrounds the property.   First we regraded the site to ensure proper drainage.  We built a raised deck, waterfall and multi-level planting beds using stacked stone, pavers and natural stone steps.    The beds are filled with ornamental trees and customer favorites, and we finished it off with stone mulch and sod.  (more project views on Landscaping page)

4-season patio
These customers enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and wanted an outdoor room with a fireplace to entertain friends and family throughout the year.   Allan designed a  26'x26' patio with masonry walls that are faced with real stone and stucco.  The fireplace has a 48" wide firebox and stands about 12' tall, with two built in wood bins.  Custom-designed lighting adds to the evening ambience. (more project views on Home and Landscaping pages)   Before/After comparison series #4

Natural Entranceway
Instead of hiding the extreme slope of the front yard under groundcover, this customer wanted to replace the steel and concrete stairs (shown on left) with an entrance that gracefully accentuates the woodland home.  We removed the stairs, addressed the drainage issues, and installed natural steps and terraced planting areas using indiginous stone.

English Wall
This customer wanted the look of an ancient English country wall with primitive steps leading to an existing upper level garden.  We used indigenous boulders that were supplied by the customer and built the 70' wall with stacked stone.
Allan designed the rustic fireplace installed at our retail location.  Inspired by an 18th century cottage, we named this style "Hansel and Gretel".

This customer requested an entranceway that complimented the rustic farmhouse and property.   We designed a walk using stepping stones laid on a base of decorative stone, with a cobblestone border.   We then built raised beds, and filled them with a mix of perennials and ornamentals.