"We turn dirt to dreams"


Have you ever spent hours spreading grass seed, then woke up the next morning to find that an overnight downpour washed it all into the gutter.  Or how about the itchy, back-breaking job of spreading straw on your lawn to protect the seed, only to have a gust of wind send it over to your neighbor's property.  A great-looking lawn doesn't have to be a frustrating battle with nature.   

Hydroseeding is a process by which seed, water, fertilizer, and fiber mulch are blended together in a tank and applied onto a prepared lawn area through a spraying hose. Once sprayed, the wet fiber mulch will help create a bond to the soil and provide the seeds with a water retaining blanketing-coat while protecting it from wind and erosion. As the grass seeds begin to germinate, the fiber mulch will slowly decompose adding nutrients to the soil.

Hydroseeding can be the fastest way to plant a lush, green lawn.  It costs slightly more than manual methods of seeding and is about one-fourth the cost of laying sod. Call us for an estimate.


Convert your dirt....
Services include driveway installation and repair (no asphalt work), foundation excavation, regrading, trenching, drain fields, correction of drainage problems, ponds (with appropriate permits) and pad sites for sheds.  


If you dread listening to the weather report because of poor drainage or incorrect grading on your property, give us a call.  We’ll make the water go where you want it to go, so you can start enjoying the sound of rain on your roof.

"Dirt makes a man look masculine...."
                                     - Hedy Lamarr